Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my boyfriend comes home from Afghanistan!

He is coming home by next week, and hopefully i will get to see him soon right after. O M G!

I am NOT READY! That's literally all i can think about. I am not the fit self i wanted to be when he got home! I know youre suppose to do it for you, lose weight and all this for  "you" but my boyfriend is like what drives me to be fitter and healthier except i totally slacked this winter break and now hes coming home in such a little time and all i can think "I AM NOT READY!!!!!"



So I gotta get busy! I am going to start taking protein shakes as meal replacements.
MONDAY-Friday (shakes every morning for breakfast). Since i wake up at 5am every morning, it is too early to eat so that will be just enough to keep me full until about 11-12 for lunch..

I am going to make an effort to have only 4 meals a day With a small tiny treat WITH my dinner. i am going to try and have either 1 piece of chocolate sugar free with almond butter, or 1/2 protein brownie bar. Nothing too big.

NO GRAINS( I am back to baking with my awesome coconut and almond flour)

NO snacks. coffee OR tea only.

TRACKING CALORIES! gotta START holding myself accountable!

Hoping I get better soon so i can start going back to the gym!

As you all know I am back to school which is why I havent blogged much, it is ALREADY STRESSFUL!WISH ME LUCK :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

stress eating.

UGGHHHHH. I cant seem to stop this cycle! its making me so mad not to mention my throat and breathing problems are still here bugging me and im on my monthly. ughhh. school started today and it already feels like its finals week! ughhhh. Today i was suppose to start eating better but oince again stress eating got to me and my sister is having problems so were both been bad about eating -_____-
We are going to the gym today though. I know that we cant out train a bad diet, but its also better to workout even if we ate bad! :) so with that said, I am going to plan tomorrows day much better. I ordered some coconut flour and almond flour...Yes, Baking time again! I wasnt going to bake anymore but I have been so bad about eating packaged food lately that i need to bake healthier ones. i cant even look at the mirror. I am too scared to see myself.. but hope isnt lost, i just wish it could get better, but they say "it gets worse becfore it gets better".

Hoping to bake today some bread. Hope everyone has a nice day :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Trying to recover from anxiety and my breathing.

Hi guys well I think I am doing better. If you read my last post, you know i was at the doctors office yesterday not feeling well (difficulty breathing/swallowing and anxiety from the night before (wednesday night). I was told to go home yesterday after been put to sleep with a shot of benadryl .

 I got home yesterday at 5. Took some steroids they prescribed for me and slept from 7pm-12am. I woke up at midnight feeling very weird. I ate at 1am (very late) and was ok with swallowing my food then I took two benadryl and went back to sleep till 7am this morning. When i woke up today I was very very anxious. I was shaking and couldnt really eat so all of today I have been eating really weirdly and not really caring to track or be aware because I cant focus on that. I feel like I am getting better, but I still have a lot of what feels like "mucus in my throat and i cant cought it up like men can. it is keeping me from breathing and swallowing right.

 I was told not to have any dairy, but i dont even know if thats the problem. I have been able to eat greek yogurt and lactiad cottage cheese since i was born (I am lactose intolerant so i dont eat or try not to eat other dairy foods).  So I am not sure thats the problem but none the less I havent had dairy today. I have been terrified of eating though. I dont know what foods will make my throat and anxiety worse. I think I will have to stay away from nuts for now. I have been eating almond butter today but what if thats it? ughhh. I havent ever been allergic to nuts or milk so i am pretty upset that i dont know why this is happening.   I was talking to my sister and told her of all the foods i had eaten wednesday when all of this happened. The only thing i had different was adding coconut oil to my foods that day. I have been able to eat coconut oil in the past. I had coconut oil this summer but only maybe like 1tbsp a day and didnt have it all the time and stopped eating it. i have been eating shredded coconut though and also never had problem with coconut flour, but she thinks it could had been the coconut oil? I am not sure its driving me crazy playing this guessing game.

 I havent been able to workout either because my breathing and swallowing arent right and i am afraid that may agravate the symptoms. I was reading online some of the allergic symptoms of eating coconut oil and what do you know? Respiratory side effects from consuming coconut oil are one of the symptoms of coconut oil allergy. All the symptoms regarding coconut oil allergies describe my respiratory symptoms. hmmmmm.... Dont you wish you were me? I have lactose intolerant, cant really eat a lot of what products, i have constant belly troubles and now this? sighhhhhhhhh... Well I hope you all have a better weekend than me. I start school monday. ughh!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Had to see a doctor soon! :(

Hi guys well I just got back from being at the doctors office. I was there becuase I was having some kind of maybe allergic reaction to dairy and i couldnt breathe. I couldnt swallow. i was seriously losing my mind. I only got  hours a sleep last night from being up all night trying to keep breathing and literally walking at midnight on the street because I was losing my mind. The doctors gave  me a shot which knocked me out right away and fell asleep for about an hour at their office. I got prescribed asteroids (thats the word she used) and she told me i had to take 1 everyday with a meal for 3 days staright. She said to go back there if i felt worse but if i really needed seious help i would need to go to the ER. I feel okay now. She told me to stay away from dairy...but but.. Just yesterday I was a bable to drink half and half milk and greek yogurt! :( This is quite depressing. Neddless to say, I hope i wake up feeling better tomorrow. Today was such a fog.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

With change comes obstacles.

Today was a challenging day. That I wont lie and I hate that I cope with my feelings by eating. TISK TISK! Anyhow, since i am trying to give this high fat low carb moderate protein a try, I am very scared but actually ready to learn and see how MY body deals with this type of change. I bought two books "Good calories bad calories" and "Secrets to a healthy metabolism" . I am ready to learn. Scared of course. Very scared, but ready to treat my body well. Today I stumbled, tripped and fell hard, but i am ready to dust of my shoes, and keep going. I cant give up. I may fall and fall, but it take practice and detemination. I just need to keep working hard and try my hardest to give it a chance and see what happens. Right?

I just consumer 1000 calories for breakfast.

I dont know what happened. I was on the phone irritated with the USPS about my delivery and all i know is I was eating what i had planned to eat :1/2 cup cottage cheese with mixed frozen berries, some coconut oil and some almond butter and next thing you know i am scarfing down a whole Quest protein bar as well as some baked apples and more almond butter. By etimating, it was about 100 calories in just one sitting. most of the calories came from the almond butter. I believe i ate about 4tablespoons plus the coconut oil...i hate when I do this! i eat more when I am irritated or stressed out! Although none of it was bad, it was A LOT in one sitting; however, I am going to go to the gym in 1-2 hours. I am a little too upset right now, but what matters now is what i do with the rest of my day. With that said, I will be putting in atleast45minutes a the gym today and will carry on with my day eating "normal" as if this binge never happened; however, I will not be eating anymore almond butter for today. I will however have coconut oil as my source of fat, and still keep my day lower carbed and grain free. I will also give my sister the baked apples i made alst night as well as my bananas and stick to the lower sugar/lower carb berries.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Going to increase my FATS!

Yep I said it! I am going to.. although it is a little frightening I am more than willing!
Since I will be deceasing HEALTHY fats, I will be decreasing grains. I will however be eating oatmeal in the morning since I made my oatmeal pancakes however after breakfast, I have no problem with grains..I don't crave them afterwards. I have heard a lot of good things from people who increase their fats, expecially from coconut oil. I heard it helps a lot with reducing belly bloating. I have a big issue in that department everyday and even though the test results came back negative, I still feel my body casnt digest wheat properly or oats, (unless they are gluten free) which I havent bothered to buy....

My plan for this week. yes it is already tuesday, but it's no excuse to start. I will be having a portion of fats in every meal:

My healthy fats will come from:

cococonut oil
peanut butter
almond butter
olive oil
and naturally ocurring fats in whatever meats I eat. Since most of my calories will be from protein, that alone will not and has not been giving me energy as i need it for excercise so today I will be on my way to trader joes to stock up on coconut oil. I already have peanut butter and almond butter as well as olive oil.  Tomorrow i will try my best to replace my oatmeal pancakes with yogurt, but usually that's tough to do so I need to come up with a plan.

Who's in with the FAT CHALLENGE? :)

I feel like the timing of meals is important, don't you?

Let's say that if I were to set my caloric goals for today to oo let's say 1600 and lets just say that two scenarios would play:

1st scenario: I decide to time my meals by 3.5hours-4 hours in btw meals.
2nd scenario: I eat without set times and just eat oh every hour and then 3 hours and then 1 hour and maybe after eating, in 30 minutes i eat again...

Don't you feel like one of these ways of eating is off? I feel like even though they are the same calories, the way we chose to eat them is what counts- the timing.

I sometimes will eat like the 2nd scenario, because I am having an off day, but i much rather eat like the 1st scenario. Seems like more reasonale. It gives time for digestion and I am sure if we constantly keep eating every whatever time of the day, it will only confuse our digestion and we wont properly diges our food. Do you time your meals? Every 4 hours? every 3 hours? every 5 hours?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Did we or did we start the week off right!?


Yes we did! Yes we tried, didnt we? Today i did great to be honest. It almost turned out to be a lazy day, but the day changed around for the better. My sister and I though that the gym would be closed today since it is Marthin Luther King day and our campus is closed so why would our gym be? (My gym is at the university, we have a huge gym there)..So after laying down all afternoon, we decided to got for a jog, but as soon as we stepped out of our aprtment we felt like vampires! It was too bright and thats how we knew we really were lazy so anyhow on our way to our jog, we deiced to stop by the gym and see if maybe it was open...it was! We were both very lethargic, but as soon as we saw that it was open we had this sudden energy and we got all excited and we knew then that we really must like our gym time! I didn't do much today, just ran for 30 minute intervals, but it was better than nothing!

Then we came home had a shake and headed to costco. Came back and had dinner and now I am having what I plan to have everything for dessert: 1/2 a warmed up brownie protein bar (VERY CLEAN INGREDIENTS) with 1/2 tbsp of my sweet creamy maple almond butter and 1 Simply Lite Milk Chocolate piece (Sweetened with malitol).. one wont hurt me. On the food front, I did very well! I am glad I am ending today with the satisfaction that i went to the gym and ate like i should have- GOOD!

goodnight folks.Enjoy the picture! lol.. hes quite sexy isnt he? Too bad hes not mine and I have no idea who he is. lol

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Did you guys see jorge's post on which are out favorite "belly" good" snacks in which he has pictured whey protein from jay robb, think thin bar and A POWER CRUNCH BAR" If you didnt, go look!The power crunch bar has sucralose it it!!! Now to my post :


Hi guys.. Dont judge. Please, I just want to know

Did any of you ever tried or still do the belly fat cure using artificial sweeteners and such?
I did take in consideration all of those wonderul people who gave me feedback on the last post regarding the bfc and i thank you all for doing so. You are a great community! I am considering the idea, but very unsure because I cant tolerate any malitol, xylitol at all. (My tests results came back and apperantly i have no gluten sensitivity), but either way my body tells me otherwise. It is always very uneasy and the only thing i've been able to eat without it stabbing me hard is waldens products and smuckers sf preserves (the one sweetened with trivia)..

Anyhow, I also cant buy expensive ice creams either, which is why i bought the no sugar added from breyers. S/C value of 3/1

I guess what i am trying to say is that I could do this! But I am not as informed. Like i said, I already eat good, just not well enough and not as well as i want to.

i could do this plan with the bfc because I have broek it down and realized it could work if such foods were permitted (sucralose) but NOT ASPARATEME! Also Maria, who is a great health advocate as well as Dr. Davis both agree that malitol is just like eating sugar... so WHAT? Who can we believe? Which is why I want to try the bfc. Just to try how it would work for me.

Here's how it could work and what my day would look like if i did it:

Breakfast: Healthy french toast, pancakes or oatmeal (pancakes and toast would be sweetened with pancake syrup from walden farms, as i cannot tolerate malitol or xylitol). 2 CARB SERVINGS


POST-WORKOUT (ON WORKOUT DAYS): a protein shake 4 carbs max which is not counted on the bfc and no sugars 0 SERVINGS

COFFEE AND CREAM throughout the day to keep me sane

Dinner: 1 serving

Dessert 1 serving of the no sugar added ice cream with waldens chocolate sauce.

So breakfast would be two servings, lunch 2 servings, dinner 1 serving and dessert 1 serving. 
I workout atleast 4 times a week also.

  SOOOOO????  I could give it a 2 week trial or 1 week and so how this tweek would work.
I mean appearantly to Dr.Davis sucralose is not scientifcally proven to really be that bad..plus jorge allows doritos on the plan..I mean really? Doritos are fried in who knows what why are they any better than sucralose?

Also, how many of you still take fiber supplements? I find that they keep me regular which is a plus! How much do you guys aim for? I can't tolarate more than 25!

who was i kidding, i had to buy ice cream.

So yes yes even though the protein shake "ice cream" was good, it still didnt satisfy my cravings as i thought it would. It wasnt as creamy and rich, so this morning on my run to target i bought the slow churned butter pecan ice cream..yes bad, but it's me eating it..not you! :) Also it's cheaper then clemmys and the so delicious coconut ice cream..

Also, I eat pretty clean most of the day..yes i may eat TOO much sometimes, but if i can succeed in eating pretty healthy most of the day, then i will treat myself. Ice cream is my BIGGEST downfall, but I cant run away from it. I need to face my fears. I  am going to have 1/2 cup of it tonight with some waldens chocolate syrup and pb2 made into peanut butter and thats it! No seconds! no nibbles throughout the day! I can do this!

So far today I made healthy french toast and OMG i just love them. As soon as my stomach isn't full with food I am going to go to the gym and run for 30 minutes and probably if i am not too tired, do the stairs for 15 minutes. I also need to work my butt and legs today, but for now while I wait I am going to lift my tiny 10 pound dumbbells and work my arms a bit.

One of my favorites along with the moose tracks flavored ice cream.
nom nom nom! :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

thank you blogging friends..it was just a spare of the moment

I was just a little stressed out today when i said that...I didnt mean to say I wanted to come back to the bfc. You are all right with me and I think you guys know what i know, I have to do whats right for me and I just gotta keep working harder at it and not Label myself to any diet. I am following what works for me and even though I am stumbling and falling, I keep getting back up. The path may not be clear, but as soon as i sober up from this madness, I will see clearly and walk along that path..No, I will SPRINT to the finish line. It will take some sore muscles, will powder, strenght and faith to keep going,  but I know i will.

Changing subjects a little. Today I was telling my sister how mad i was at myself because EVERYDAY I been eating really good for all my meals but as soon as after dinner hits, I throw in the towel and pig out like crazy with my pantry and fridge. WHy? Becuase I dont know what to have exactly for dessert so i eat and eat until I am satisfied, and by then I am ready to cry..

I was telling her that the reaosn for that is because i crave ice cream, but dont wanna buy any because that will just add to my grocery spenditure and i cant afford adding more things, so I finally came up with my own ice cream version, which I tried tonight and it was divine for me! it killed the craving!

Here's what I put in my blender:

1/2 scoop protein powder peanut butter chocolate flavor
1/2 soy milk
1/4 plain yogurt(not greek)
stevia extract
xantham gum
ice cubes

I blended all of that until creamy. I didnt add a lot of ice because the consistancy would had been totally killed. I then added waldens caramel and chocolate sauce on top. some peanut butter and shredded coconut on top and i was soooo freaking yummy! i loved it and it WORKED for MEEE! We all gotta do whats right for us right? so this is what works for ME. Tomorrow I am going to have the same treat except I will ommit the coconut and add like 4 trader joes schoolbook cookies crumbled on top!

Is it bad that i hate fruit? and a little on THE BFC..

Really. I can't stand fruit..

Ever since I started the bfc almost two years ago, I havent liked eating fruit. It is not sweet enough..It's tart and water-y. LOL..

So why am I not doing the bfc? Honestly, I have no idea why...Well I do know why, because I am scared it wont work again this time around...there I said it. It's out in the open. I am scared I will not succeed this time..It's too good to be true. Yet, Rosalie has something in her that always makes me feel like I can and SHOULD do this because it works! UGHHHHH.....

This is what is my mind..

anyone ever feel like that? I mean, I COULD do it because i already eat poretty healthy and i hate bananana and apples! I mean, and I am not into yogurt anymore...it was just a phase. lol...

So...can I do it? Should I do it? YES AND YES AND YES... I am just SO SCARED I will gainw weight instead of losing it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You CAN'T compete with what you eat.

This is so me right now. I keep working out, but i cant get my eating right and i do try, but not hard enough but i still gotta keep trying until i get it right! Because we can't out train a bad diet! And we all know a flat tummy "abs are made in the kitchen!" for the most part at least!

Also, there are so many healthy alternatives to bad foods! I for example love love french toast and i have been able to make french toast like the one below as well as pancakes all guilt free. We can do this people! Let's get rid of the junk in our drawers! I am going to get on it! it seems like ever week I find myself buying junk only to throw it away. I need to be wise with my money and wise with my mind!

Today I rested again, TomorrowI WILL be going to the gym!

Monday, January 14, 2013


YES, rest day is today for me. This morning I woke up early and took my botty for a 0 minute walk and a 40 minute walk back to and from trader joes. It was a great walk and it surely left me tired. I was going to go to the gymt oday but I am in bed and i am aksing myself "are you really that tired?". My answer is YES! I really am. My legs are like jello and my feet are too tired to go to the gym today so I am resting today. Back to the gym tomorrow though! So far today Ive been good with my eating.

My breakfast this morning after my long walk to trader joes (below picture). For lunch i forgot to take a picture but it was a yogurt with cottage cheese and about 1/4 baked apple with yummy homemade pbchocolate granola i made and 1 light toasts with pbnj.. coffee and cream of course. For dinner I am just going to have leftovers: pork chop with borwn rice and broccoli and a sprinkle or tamari sauce.. Dessert most likely will be 1/2 quest bar with pbnj.  How is everyones monday?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

KISS and progress

Keep it SIMPLE stupid.

I gotta say, i love this quote. Man man man. Well today I did 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning. It was great. I bought this pre-workout supplement that is supposed to give me "explosive energy", but so far i feel the same. It is very expensive though. 60$ for a 60 serving scoops and it is very tiny. It is called C4. I am going to keep taking it and hopefully my body will get used to it soon! So, on the gym front, I am doing GREAT.

On the food front, I am FAILING!I am not doing so well eating. I know by now i would have lost some weight because I been busting my ass in the gym, but if the food is not right, theres no way i can lose any weight. The thing about me, I store body fat ONLY on my stomach, which is why I have been a size 0 since i can remember, but my stomach expands so if i dont get this straight I am going to look like an oompa loompa,  small fee, big tummy. NO NO, plus we all know that stomach math is the WORST from all body fat.I have been fialing because

1. I dont control myself
2. i make things too complicated, too manu ingredients, too much time into food.
3. Not enough discipline!

I need to get this #%# straight! I need to get it right!

I will start to take pictures of my daily eats to keep me accountable once again. I dont want to count calories or anything anymore, like I said before, but i gotta control myself with food too so i need to be very watchful that I dont eat too much and taking pictures should help!

I havent weight myself in like forever and i really dont like to. I just gotta see how my stomach looks and how I fit in my clothes, but I will weight myself sometime maybe next monday.

Being that I am a size zero, I have tiny legs and small but, which is why I try to keep my lower body toned. So far this is my progress pictures with my lower body. needs more work, but slowly and surely I will get there.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Going to make an effort to make shakes as meal replacements!

Hi Guys good morning! So yesterday I got my protein powder and this morning when I was nibbling on my oatmeal, I decided that I spend over 40 freaking dollars on my GNC little blender plus 40 dollars more this month for the protein powder and yet I have been refusing to drink shakes, but I realized that I cant do that. I cant keep buying things and not use them for their purpose. Yes, you can add protein powder to food, but protein powders are made more for meal replacements to lose weight and not to add to food because that increases their caloric content and protein shakes as meal replacements are meant to be low in caloric content, yet high in protein to keep you full till the next meal, which is why they are meal REPLACEMENTS! So I dumped out the oatmeal and made myself a shake this morning. I bought a peanut butter chocolate flavor and O M Y G O D! It is so yumm! I made it with 1 cup soy milk, 1/2 proteIn powder, 1tbsp peanut flour and waldens farms chocolate! YUMMMMMM!
I am going to keep my shakes under 200 though. I will be making them different flavors so i dont get bored or the same flavors until i get bored. HAHAH. I really like todays shake so I think its a keeper until i get bored of the flavor then I will add some berries other days, etc.

I am going to keep my other meals the same. Well, wish me luck with this shake experiment! I am planning on doing shakes every morning for atleast 4 days and the other 3 days I will switch it up with "real" food so I dont throw up from too much shakes.

This is the protein powder I use. I lLOVE IT! ALL NATURAL! Remember, if you want to shop for supplements and other goodies online, I bought mine from Iherb and you can use my discount code on my blog to get 5$ plus more on orders over 40 :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Do you have INSTAGRAM? Follow me and let's keep motivated!

Hi guys how was everyones day?
Well, today I went to the gym but once I was there I really had like no energy. I had gone to target early in the morning which was 40 minute walk.I did end up walking on the treadmill for just 15 minutes but then decided to come home. My legs were too tired so I just rested today and ate a little not so good, but I am not TOO worried because tomorrow i am going back to the gym and ready for it too!

Also, I got my two orders yesterday and today from Iherb and nutrition!

Tomorrow i am going to have a shake for breakfast! I try to only use half the scoop and I will add 1 cup soy milk 1/2 banana, and peanut butter and either drink it after or before my workout! My sister wants to go really early.

Do you guys have instagram? If so let's be friends or "follow" each other! It is a great place to get motivation! i love it and i love to follow others who are also on their way of changing their lifestyle!
My username is RUNNINGKAREN.

Hope to see you there!

MY WALLPAPER ON MY IPAD! WOW! She's so damn fit! I love it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

exercise, tummy aches, and mindlessly eating.

well first off, let me just say that it STARTED out as a GREAT day! I woke up had my oatmeal and then off to the gym I went. I did 15 minutes on the stairs machine and ran for 30 minutes on incline of 5. and intreval runs from 5.5-7mph.  Then I got home had lunch adn relaxed for a bit.

Then it happened...

Next thing you know I am eating all of my leftovers from last nights my healthy fried rice.. and then nut butters with some alphabet cookies.. it was well not a lot of food, but nonethless, it wasnt something I can look back and say "oh thats fine!" ..No it's not. I was just so sad. See I had gone on a walk with my sister and her husband to trader joes and i was really excited because I was about to go for another 1.20 hour walk which meant more excercise and who can say no to that? I can't! So you know, we are walking there and my sister and her husband totally made me feel invisible. They were just arguing while on our walk and i was getting really annoyed. I am walking to release all the happy hormones we get from a good workout and here they were arguing! ughhh. then they got all happy and totally walked fast and in front of me and next thing you know they are like a block away ahead from me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? It is dark out anf they just idont know, forgot i was there!? It was my idea to go and it was only supposed to be me and my sister then he came along... ughhh. so anyway I was so mad, I just turned back home and didnt tell them. All I thought was "whatever, im sure they wont even know i am gone"..so sad and angry I walked back home. I was so upset I ate too soon too fast and mindlessly. I knew it was wrong, but thats kind of how i cope. (it needs to change), but now I am feeling better. I lied to my sister and told her my stomach hurter and thats why i had turned back, but it did hurt like hell..I am hoping my results from the doctor tell me whats wrong with my stomach...anyhow...

I am fine now. I am still a little uneasy that i ate so mindlessly and out of anger/sadness, but it is okay now. I will not sabotage all my efforts. I am just going to go on with my day and not starve tomorrow just because i didnt do well today because i am NOT on a diet! PLUS, I exercised at least! so it is way better than not having worked out and having had eaten like i did today.

anyhow, that's my rant for today. just had to let it out. I hate being a third wheeler.

Who would like 5$, or 10$ taken off IHERB. COM?

Hey Guys! So this is great and I thought I had to share! I usually order all my cool stuff like my favorite walden farms products, 100% natural protein powders, Quest bars, and other yummy foods that my stores do not seel, but IHERB does. It is amazing. I discovered this website not too long ago through instagram and saw the benefits of buying from them than from nutrition.com.

See, when you shop at nutrition the shipping is only 5$ for the whole shopping cart total, but when you shop at nutrition you get discounts! YEAP! Just for shopping with them. 

If you spend 40$, you get 5$ off. It may not seem like a lot, but trust me IT ADDS UP! It's like getting a free bottle of walden famrs caramel syrup (less than 4$)!

If you spend over 50$, you get 10$ off people! You really have to see how good this is. you get these offers JUST for shopping with them. NOT only that, but you get FREE EXPEDITED 1-3 DAY SHIPPING! with your order over 50$!

Yes yes yes please! I ordered my things, which was over 50$ bucks on Saturday night with an order over 50$. not only did I get 10$ off, but I also got free 1-3 day shipping! My things are coming today and i have a tracking number too so i know it's here in my city out for delivery by the end of today!

With netirtion, I ordered some other things, also over 50$ too, because I didnt know about iherb till the next day and with netrition I didnt get any discounts of any kind. Not only that, but my things from nutrition dont come until 4-7 days, which is almost always 6 days. I ordered them way before my iherb things and they are coming a day AFTER my Iherb stuff.. how annoying lol.. 

Not only that, but Iherb has way way more variety then nutrition.com.

So who wants discounts?? Here's the discount code! use it and watch your cart price go down as you shop and if you shop enough, hey you too might just get the free 1-3 day shipping, which let me tell you people if you had to pay for that 1-3 day shipping,. well it's a lot! :)


BEST WISHES! I am soooooo happpy my things are coming today. I will take a picture :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

trader joes, gym, doctor and fried rice.

HI guys! Happpy tuesday! Omhgosh excercisng is sooo good! I love it and i am always sooo happy and energized! Okay so today i went for a an hour walk back and forth to trader joes this morning. I bought so many cool stuff. I swear, I love that store. I always end up over spending though because i buy the cool yummy thing I dont need! Ughhh. they're just so tempting and yummy!

I bought. Better N butter peanut butter, alphabet graham crackes, peanut butter cups the mini ones, greek yogurt, berries and brown rice! I woke up super late today and didnt get to eat breakfast till 11:30 so i had a delicious yummy oatmeal cooked inw ater with whey protein, 1/4 banana and wild berries! simple and kept me satisfied for almost 5 hours!

Then I went to the gym and had the bestest tun ever. and like 10 minutes on the stairs and worked my lower body.

I also had a doct appointment right after and they drew blood to they can see whats wrong with my stomach aches..FINALLY! I am gettiing my tummy checked!

Didn't get home till 5 and made some yummy fried rice dinner! So I didnt really have lucy because i woke up late and ate late, but it's okay. i havent met all my calories for the day and i sure need them after that great walk and run so i am going to eat a yummy, but healthy yogurt treat with tons of toppings in it

ahhh! I am so happy! I love eating freely without counting and excercising. This is my way of eating. this is my lifestyle!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New years, New resolutions and new challenges..and the bfc

HI guys..I been debating all day long, but today I really felt like I really needed to give the belly fat cure original version another shot. It is a challenge I really want to take for 1 week. Instead of wondering what life could be if I had  followed the belly fact cure, I want to just give it a what you would call "one week trial" if in one week I have not lost any weight at all, I will proceed from there, if however it works, then why not keep going? Afterall, I am sooo over with fruit, I just dont like it as i used to. I would really appreciate some support! I know I say I dont want to do it, but it would be nice to hear "you can do it" rather then "really? why do you keep going on and off"...

I just want support from someone! Tomorrow I will start the picture posting and gym as well!

PS. I realized finally after long long times of stuggle, what was the causes of my everyday stomach aches. XYLITOL and Erythritol!

Yeap. I gave zevia and xylitol based products a break and what do you know?? my tummy aches went away! I love listening to my body, why dont i do this often? lol.

Yeih! Chocolate! No sugar and only 1 carb serving!

Okay, so these are soooo amazing! I found these at Trader joes and let me tell you I love them. They are good for the bfc and for any person watching their weight or just for those craving chocolate without the bad stuff.

They are sweetened with malitol, a sugar alcohol. Each serving of either one of these chocolates is 3 squares, which are decent. The milk chocolate has only 1 grams sugar per serving as well the the dark chocolate with almonds. The dark chocolate has no sugar and each serving is only 1 carbs serving.

These are great especially because I hate that 70% or darker chocolates. Why have that when you can have these babies? Anywho, I do reccomend these. They are yummy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This new Year I don't want to count anymore

I am so tried of counting calories, or carbs or sugars..etc. I am DONE! As much as I wish I could go back to the bfc, I know it's not what I really want. I was able to lose all that weight at the beginning only because I used to eat many carbs and sugars before, so it was mostly just my body detoxifying. It is not for me just like counting calories isn't; however, I do plan to keep a journal as much as I can to keep me accountable as well as going to the gym at least 4 times a week, preferably 5 times a week.
Tomorrow I believe my gym will be reopen, so you better believe i will be there for at least an hour.
I can't wait! Anyone make any new years resolutions?

Mine is just to be healthy!

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