Monday, December 31, 2012

I love nut butters, but my self control.. well

So I have been eating way WAY to much almond butters and peanut butter. I can't stop. So as I sit here in shame for gaining and gaining pounds week after week, I have decied that maybe I should keep things simple. MUCH MUCH simple.

Although i like to get very created with my meals, it's not such a great thing apparently. I am 112.8lbs. I have NEVER been at this weight, EVER. I am ashamed. Not really the weight, but ashamed that I have lost control. Well, no. I haven't LOST control, yet. Winter break just hasnt been so easy for me being home all day with food temptations. I really was planning to get back to healthy clean eating today instead of waiting for the NEW year, tomorrow.

I just can't wait for my gym to open. I am READY to go back to working out. It will be open thursday and you better believe i will be there everyday!

Now, I need to get it together. I think for now, I will give up the nut butters. I just can't keep them home because i just eat toooo much! or maybe i will buy peanut butter, but not almond butter. I love almond butter way too much. I gotta sit down and think and write a little more.

I just want to be the healthiest I can be this new year. I want to be lean and toned.

Friday, December 28, 2012

I blame you rosalie

Lol. I am kidding Rosalie, but i just love you so much for that recipe idea. I have been having so many all day I cant help myself. Anyhow, how are all of you? Am I the only one struggling here?

Oh gosh, I am not used to sitting here and eating all day long. I only do this during winter break. I tell my sister, "it's okay to eat all day long, we're suppose to be hibernating in this time of the year" lol.

I just found out the gym wont be open till thursday! I am so sad. I am trying, but my willpower isnt strong, I am not strong enough i guess.I wish there was a book that i could read that woould help me with willpower ..

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I was skeptical about the black bean brownies

After seeing Rosalie's many posts on her little black bean brownies, I didnt know wether i wanted to try them out or not since i am not a fan of beans at all, but since I am bored and with nothing to do on winter break, not to mention, i love brownies, I decided to give them a shot..I was skeptical throughout the whole process, but O M Y G O D! What the hell! sorry, but OMYYYYY! Let me firtst tell you that throughout the bfc which has been two years on and off this lifestyle, I tried making many recipes that would resemble a brownie, but they never turned out that a brownie ..I mean I used to spend SO much money on coconut flours, almond, flax, etc. all these expensive baking ingredients that added up and yet nothing I tried to make for a brownie recipe came out good until today! I am so thankful for rosalie who reminded me of this recipe! I tweaked it out quite a lot though, but i love love love it! Well anyhow, now i am waiting for them to cool down so i can put half in the fridge and half in the freezer. I am in serious mad love right now. I really want one but i already had all my food for the day...maybe i will take an itty bitty bite... Shhhh..

Anyhow, I have been struggling food wise. I cant wait for the gym to open up monday I hate been hom,e all day eating.That's all I do when I am home. Atleast the gym helps me with food control and gets my burn! Ahh I  cant freaking wait! I will try to post pictures of my meals tomorrow.

Black bean brownies with peanut butter sauce :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Easing in slowly

Hi guys, so i hope you all had a great xmas! I know I did and also I know I had way too much food, but I dont regret it. I dont think we have to worry too much on special occasions just as long as we make an effort right the next day to eat better so with that said, I weight myself yesterday and I was 111.2lbs. Boy, was it hard to eat good yesterday. I felt like all that sugar from xmas eve affected my cravings big time because I didnt eat so great yesterday, but def. better than xmas eve. Today also, I am finding it a little hard to eat good.

I had protein oatmeal pancakes and an hour after breakfast I had this really big craving for sweets. So I had 1/2 a think thin bar with peanut butter. I know I know, not good, but it is better than eating another pie. I am just telling myself that what I ate an hour ago, 3 hours ago, 5 hours ago,m yesterday..doesnt matter as much as what I will put in my mouth next so I am def. planning on making the rest of my day better. I am planning on sticking to either chicken or fish for my next meal and a side of veggies and good olive oil. How is everyone doing?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I have a question about the 15/6

Well first off, I do have the belly fat cure book,but the answer to my question isnt there so I will ask here.

I was wondering if anyone has done this or if you know, can your night treat be 2 carb servings?

see, breakfast is usually 2 carbs
lunchL1 carb serving
dinner 1 carb serving

but my dessert is always 2 carbs servings, which would still be a total of 6 carb servings for the day.


Friday, December 21, 2012

trying to do the belly fat cure

Well I am not going to be going to the gym for a whole week starting well since yesterday because its closed down for the holidays. It's the gym we have at my collge. It's amazing and i am so sad! It's literally two storie with all brand new equipment! So I decided that I need to find a way to not gain weight while im off. I decided to do the bfc again for a while. I know it's not something you can do on and off, but I know that this is what I want to try and stick to to keep the pounds off. Ofcourse, xmas will be an exeption..

So Far today I've eaten:

Breakfast: 1 protein bread with NHJAM and peanut butter with coffee and cream

s/c   3/2

Lunch: 1 egg with spinach and sour cream along with more protein bread with jam and my mix of "chocolate maple almond butter) with USAMILK made into hot chocolate.. oh yes, i also had 1/2 slice of a low carb bread and stopped eating it half way through..not such a fan of bread anymore so i ate my protein bread instead.

s/c 4/2

I feel like i ate way too much, but i am trusting it will work .I AM SCARED!  for dinner tonight I am planning on having atleast 1 cup of broccoli and cauliflower tog et my veggies in and for my meat i am probably having a few thin slices of salmon with a bit of soy dipping sauce i bought at trader joes or turkey bacon with it..

for my treat tonight, I really want to not eat too much since I have been in bed ALL DAY today since its horribly raining. I am hoping i iwll have a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream of course, with almond milk, cocoa stevia and reddi whip..but well see. Ill update you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 1 shake challenge

Okay well once again, I got a little distracted and didnt take pics, but heres what I had today:

Morning @the gym

Breakfast: Shake with spinach, fiber, pb2, protein and milk

Lunch: 1/2 greek yogurt, 1/2 banana and 1 tbsp better n butter peanut butter

Gym: 30 minute treadmillk jog/run

Dinner: 1 egg, spniach, sour cream salad, and chicken.. Okay..Then I was craving bread for the weirdest reason so right after dinner I had 1 ezekiel bread, almond and peanut butter and natures hollow jam with coffee and some greek yogurt mixture I had in the fridge....

What I learned today:

 The shake experiment wasn't bad at all. I am ready for my shake tomorrow.
Lunch was perfect balance of protein and carbs as well as sugars for my jog in the afternoon.
Dinner needs to be worked on really really badly!

I SHOULDNT have had all that food, but why did I eat all of that in one sitting? Because i try to be some freaking perfect sometimes. See, I wanted to eat dinner foods so I could have my veggies (the spinach) and my healthy animal proteins and fats (sour cream), but my heart was telling me that all it wanted was NO veggies or meat for dinner1 It just wanted coffee with a pbnj sandiwch.

So that's why I failed, because I didnt listen to my heart and to my gut. I decied to ignore them and this is why I feel a little bit guilty. Not BAD just guilty of not listening. I am SURE my body wont DIE on my if I dont have animal meat for one day! It wont die on me if i dont have veggies for dinner! It WILL BE OKAY! I need to listen to my gut and my heart and not my confusing head! Always gives me mixed feelings! Well, tomorrow I am hoping that if i dont want meat again, I will just have atleast veggies for dinner and pbnj sandiwch or wtv lol. So that way I dont overdo it and I also will be getting my carbs and protein from the pbnj and bread, instead of the protein from meat..

P.S- Sorry I dont reply to your comments sometimes, I am really forgetful and lazy. :0

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the protein shake challenge

Hi guys, so xmas for me it's this sunday. We are celebrating a little early over here. I know i need to get it together. Yesterday and today weren't horrible, but I def. could had pushed myself harder especially cause i haven't been working out because of an injured leg from running.  Anywho, so i have 4 days to get it together before two days of completely xmas binging". I will be there sunday and spending the night there and waking up to more food to where we are going.

So I want to challenge myself to replace one meal with a protein shake. I want to replace breakfast with a  shake for the next 4 days. Also, I want to clean out my diet a little more as well. I got caught up watching the whole first season of gossip girl that I totally forgot to take pics of my food and stuff. I will do that tomorrow! Now on to season 2 of gossip girl. lol. I love being out of school for winter break! yes!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Weigh-in and what I ate today

weight- 111.4lbs :0

Breakfast: Oatmeal with coffee. I added some whey protein, bit of walden chocolate sauce, and 1/2 tbsp of hazelnut butter! I also added half and half instead of milk since I dont have any almond milk right now. It was yummy and creamy plus my face coffee of course.. If you dont know, I am on day 5 today of no coffee challenge, but I am drinking "fake coffee", which is that powdered fake stuff. I dont have too much of it only about a tbsp per cup and not much of it.

Lunch: The pan was to eat only what I had right below, but I always want something sweet so I decied to make some fake coffee and 3 green and blacks chocolate with bit of nut butter and a tiny tsp of waldens chocolate and about a tbsp of whipped cream. I felt good about this. I didnt overeat..phew!

and for dessert I had two sugar free pieces of chocolate with a bit of almond butter on top.

BOY, for not working out this is a lot of food. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ice cream is such a dangerous little thing.

It is true, at least for me. Every time i have ice cream in the freezer, I find myself over eating and eating it all day long with spoonfuls throughout the day that really add up in the end. So today, with a sad goodbye I had to throw it away. I just couldnt stop eating it. Are any of you like that with food?
Well tomorrow I will post my weight and some belly, arm and leg pictures. I am going to plan out how I want my week to go. Ice cream is out of the question for sure! I am going to plan out my sweet treats for the evening so I better get to it. I am also waiting on some things I ordered from nutrition and they should be arriving tomorrow. I am planning on having oatmeal with protein powder tomorrow and then going to the gym tomorrow. One of my goals for this week is to go to the gym because I do plan to eat whatever I want for xmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


LOL. OK. I want abs soo bad. You know, it's really not about vanity, as it is for challenge reasons. I want to work hard for something and be extremely proud of it! Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. I really want abs because

* abs are made in the kitchen and abs show how a person knows how to eat CLEAN
*Abs are a strength; inner strength! to fight fight fight against all odds and all temptations to reach this goal!
* Abs will show me how hard I can work for a goal and how physiclally and mentally strong a person can be (I want to be this person!)

In order to get Abs, I need to CLEAN up my diet! I need to eat CLEAN AND LEAN!

SO here are so goals that I really want to work hard on!


2. eat only 1tbsp MAX of almond butter

2. Eat only 1 tbsp max on walden farms and ONLY at night time for my treat.

3. Eat 5 small meals a day, CLEAN meals. (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, treat) Snack and treat max of 200 calories)

3.5 Restrict calories; IT IS POSSIBLE to do do if youre eating a very clean healthy diet.

4. NO dressings of any kind.

5. For lunch and dinner have meat and veggies along with a good fat.

6. no nibbling on food or eating while standing up!

7. eat CLEAN all day long ands be motivated to eat clean so that I can eat my little guilty (not so guilty evening treat)


9.  Be motivated all week long so i can indulge in one guilty cheat day (yes, i believe in these)

10. HIT THE GYM 30-1HOUR MAX AT LEST 5 TIMES A WEEK! (Tomorrow i will post some pictures of my legs, arms and belly to show you for progress.

Friday, December 14, 2012

goodbye almond butter.

Well it is sad to say, but I really just need to give almond butter a break. I cant help myself from eating it once I start; therefore, I am giving it up for at least a week.  Also I decided that the only times I will use my walden farms products will be at night for my little dessert I throw together, but o fcourse only 1tbsp max! I have been going to the gym this week EVERYDAY! for about 30 minutes-1 hour on some days. I feel amazing, but I haven't been eating well at all due to the almond butter and all the goodies I have in my house, so as soon as I wake up tomorrow, I am going to clean up my pantries. I have chocolates right in front of me when I open my pantry, so I need to store that away from sight; OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND. I know I can give up the almond butter, but I just cant START to eat it, because once I do I CANNOT stop. I have also decided to give up coffee till xmas, it's my little challenge. Today is day 2 of no coffee. I have been drinking tea instead. I feel okay so far! :)
Let me tell you, I am a big BIG coffee drinker. I would drink anout 3 cups in the morning and if i was working att he coffee shop, I would drink lots of it so this isnt an easy task, but actually It's all in my head and that is why I have been doing VERY WELL this past two days without it..But oh I wish I was like this with food! I will try! I am out of school so I really need to get my shit together. (excuse my french)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Products I am loving NOVEMBER-DECEMBER (food)

Hey guys so I thought I would do a post on products I really like and tell you what I think about them. Here are a few foods i have been eating every day mostly all day long..Shhhh... I know I know, no bueno,but cant help myself. So here it goes

PB2: I just love love this stuff. It really is peanut butter, but healthified. All you do is mix in water or milk and it turns into peanut butter. I use it for smoothies like protein shakes, in yogurts and as "sauces for pancakes! Let me tell you, it is out of this world what you can do with this stuff and it is currently what I am in love with well among the other foods below. If you havent given it a try, give it a go! It's delish! I really dont care to try the chocolate flavored one because I can just made that myself by adding cocoa and stevia. Just stick to the original and trust me it is amazing!

TRADER JOES RAW UNSALTED CRUNCHY ALMOND BUTTER: Ok. I SWEAR by this stuff. If you like almonds this is for you, it's way better than most brands i have ever tried and so much cheaper too! It is only about less than 5 bucks as compared to other brands that can range up to 10 bucks like Justins Almond butter brand. It is so so so yummy! I have gone through two jars in the past two weeks all by myself, which means I eat one whole jar in a week. YIKES! But it's just that good! I love mines sweet so what I do is I add stevia in the jar and mix it very well. It makes the almond butter sweet, crunchy and NOT salty! Since it is UNSALTED, its super yummy! I love it so much. Okay enough.. next product

WALDEN FARMS CHOCOLATE SYRUP: Yes, I know.. I KNOW, but you know what? I am okay with this product and theres many of you who are not but for all of you who aren't super strict on yourselfs and want something with no calories, no fats, proteins, carbs or sugar, this is the stuff! It is sooo sweet though, which is a pro because that means you use less. I actually try to limit myself to only 1 tbsp MAX per day! No more!  I do not want to over do it, but i gotta say I rather eat this sauce than hersheys or any other brand of sugar free stuff. It's pretty cheap too. about less than 4 bucks at my store and they also sell them online too pretty cheap! I havent tried other things fromt hem except the marshmallow dip, which I will get in to.  I love to add less than 1tbsp about 1tsp to my yogurt to make it like a dessert and then I sweeten it up with stevia and it's soooo yummy! I also like to drizzle it on to other foods. its yummy! and to me it does taste like a chocolate sauce. I do like it, but of course you gotta be used to eating things that arent sweetened with fructose and sugar, because if you're used to that kind of sweeteners, it'll take time to get used to sweeteners like stevia, etc.

WALDEN FARMS MARSHMALLOW DIP: Okay this is so yummy and so sweet! The thing with this one though, is that I haven't had marshmallow dip (the really bad kind thats super bad for you) in ages! I really dont even eat marshamallows or chocolate and candy bars or any of that junk. I really don't so I dont remember what "real marshmallow dip" tastes like, but I really like this stuff! It is over poweringly sweet, which is a go for me! It's got a texture of like pudding or more like a custard actually. I dont mind it because honestly, when you chose to go healthy things arent as "good and decadent" as they used to and thats because the things that make them that yummy are hydrogentated oils, fructose, and all those preservatices, but for me I have really learned and love love stevia, xlitol etc. So this product is a go for me! I also dont go past 1tbsp a day with this even though theres no calories, fats, sugars, or carbs in this. I do LIMIT myself. I add it to yogurts and use it as spread! it's soooo yummy!

Okay well with that said, I hope all of you are doing well! 
I hope your goals are coming along. 
I have been at the gym for 4 days in a row now as opposed to only 2 or 3 times. i love it I went today and I am going again tonight with my sister. I love love the gym. 
With food though, I am still struggling to control how much i eat, but it's never horrible things really. I just indulge too much on my own baked sweets and stuff like that. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Barleans products

Hi Guys,

Have any of you tried the barleans products? I really want to try their chocolate flavored one so i can add it to my protein shakes or to my yogurt, but so far I have only tried their strawberry banana and i gotta say I do love it, but I am not a banana person so its like love and hate relationship. Have any of you tried the chocolate one? Is it sweet ? dark flavored or milk chocolate flavored?

MMMMM. Well today I weight myself. I am 111, but I am okay with that. Really. I know its also because I had lots of food yesterday especially fries in tons of fried oil and salt, but I am working out today also so that keeps me sane.

How are all of you doing? I see no blogging activity going on lately. :0

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I really have no energy. Well now I do after drowning a bunch of food with tons of carbs in my mouth, but now i am feeling a little guilty and overlly full..but..I just want to address this topic.

I have been working out maybe 3-4 times a week at the gym and plan to increase it everyday, however, i have been extremely tired throughout the day every day now and honestly I am eating still way too much food, but since I dont eat tortillas, bread, rice etc..All my carb are from sources like yogurt, nuts, chocolate...etc. I do eat a lot though, maybe close to 1800-2,000 calories or more a day but I still find myself really tired. I dont know why? I am thinking of starting my day off tomorrow with oatmeal to see if that helps me feel energized before and after my workout. I do about 30-45 minutes and I go all out when I am at the gym;however, I am obviously eating more than enough, but not the right foods.

I just need energy! ughhhhh.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

WHO is In for the NO stevia challenge?

Hey guys so today was one of those days where I knew that I am really addicted to sweets (even stevia sweets). Also, Dawn reminded me that sweets are def. not a good thing either, as we often indulge on them. It is why I wanted to start a challenge! Here's what it's about:

The ONE week No STEVIA challenge:

It is challenge for all of us who are in love with adding stevia to all of our foods, or mostly. It is especially for those of us who have a big sweet tooth and that feel like you just cant go a day or a snack or a meal without sweets, like your homemade treats. It is especially for those who have too much of these sweets and who know that you often lose sight of other foods, because you just cant give up your sweet goodies for a healthier options like veggies.

Here's how it goes: You dont have to give it all up at once. Thats not good! just slowly. So for example, if you have stevia with your coffee everyday or with your tea, this challenge you can take away that stevia from your drinks. I do this, so I am going to try and drink my coffee with cream and no stevia or reduce it as much as possible.

If you eat yogurt with stevia, dont add any sweetener. or if you are used to throwing in two packets, just add one packet. If you eat usually two sweets for your treat, just have one.

Pick what you want to challenge yourself with and let me know, ARE YOU IN!? I would love to hear your progress and I would love to upadate you with mine!

For this challenge, I am going to challenge myself to adding no sweetener to  my coffee, as i always add a lot of stevia to mine.

I will also challenge myself to reducing the amount i add to my yogurt. Instead of 3 scoops of stevia, I will reduce it to one.

I will also challenge myself to two small chocolate choices for my evening treat.


NOW GO! I already prepared my yogurt for tomorrow, instead of adding 3 scoops of stevia, i only added one this time. GOOD LUCK!


I am too addicted to these healthy, but fatning if over-indulged foods! Omygosh I swear they are amazing. I am suffering an overly fully belly right now. I need to eat less of these yummies, which means I need to set new goals.

My goals for the upcoming week is to minimize all nut butters to 1tbsp total per day-No more.

Have veggies for lunch and dinner, or atleast for one meal.

Have protein shake as a meal replacement for at least one meal, preferably after or before a workout on workout days.

Dessert- make it smaller ans think first before nibbling on foods while "i think" of what i want

No nibbling on foods in btw meals or while waiting for my meals to cook.

Don't eat while standing up!

Oh yes and continue to workout at lease 4 times a week. I cant wait to go to the gym tonight. I need to burn come calories lol.

What are your goals?

OH, YES...I have two more recipes that I will try and remember to put up sometimes this week:


Oatmeal bars (new)
candy! good for you candy" (texture of a soft tootsie roll/taffy) yes! that kind of texture. yumm! (my ultimate favorite!)

Saturday, December 8, 2012


OK. So I should be studying for my finals, but i couldnt help myself from sharing with you todays yummy breakfast! It is my oatmeal protein bread with cream cheese, almond butter and hazelnut butter...ofcourse, with a cup of joe and cream :) I am seriously addicted and it's okay! :)
I also went shopping for some protein powder and protein bars. I am not a big fan of protein bars as many of them are pretty much candy, but I love love quest bars. They are very very expensive though so i only buy about 3-4 at a time. So I decided that since I am working out about 3-4 times a week now, I am going to start drinking my shakes. Today I had one and it was amazing I put so many good things in my shakes! I love jay robb's protein powders because they are seriously super yummy! i hate soy based proteins- YUK! So for dinner tonight I had my shake since i worked out this evening. I am going to try and supplement shakes for my meals on workout days. So today my dinner was a shake, but I will def. have dessert tonight- DUH! :)

I also made this yummy healthy casserole today for lunch and it was amazing. I love how my soy cheese lets me enjoy that cheese-ie taste to my foods. i buy Vegan Gourmet soy cheeses for they are super yummy! I dont even feel like I am missing out, but if i wasnt lactose intolerant i would def. always have regular cheese, no doubt.

Well today I did 30 minutes at the gym and now I am super happy and proud of myself. Oh yes, I am no longer coutning anything! yeah! thats a big one for me. i am just taking pictures here and there and writing down what I am eating just so I can see how what I eat affects me and so on forth. It's pretty great actually- I will get there, but i gotta work hard, slowly but surely. GOODNIGHT! :)



Friday, December 7, 2012


Okay, it wouldnt be as yummy if it didnt have the delcious toppings..
What are they? Trader joes raw almond butter and Justin's hazelnut butter.
FREAKING BOMB! Seriously you must try this two nut butters.
I was never a fan of almond butters. I tried many and never even liked them after a tiny taste so i ended up throwing many jars away until I finally discovered trader joes brand of almond butter. it is unsalted, which is such a plus because I hate salt on my peanut butters and almond butters. EWWW!
It is out of this world! I am almost done with my jar, even though i just bought it last sunday (yikes!).
Also, justin's hazelnut butter is super yum! I love love love it! I also love their almond butter, but it's twice the price! Trader joes almond butter is only less than 5 bucks. Justin's is 10 bucks! AHHHH! So yeah thats why I love trader joes, money wise and taste wise! But their hazelnut butter is amazing and so worth the 10 bucks and let's face it I am super lazy to make my own :/
So yeah...I dont know about this nut butters, but I know one thing, I better cut down on other fats because it seems to me like I am eating too much nut butter and my body wont need that olive oil and what not. OH BOY!

Also, I been feeling very creative lately.Well, no I have always been I just been so lazy lately. lol
But see this jar? it's a jar from nescafe's powdered coffee. I decided that instead of throwing the jar away, I would wash it and take off the sticker and use it for other things, like my chocolate sauce i made this morning. Yum! Isn't that cool?
I have also served myself water, iced coffee, iced teas, zevia etc in this jar, I love that it's got a lid too so i can take wtv I want on here on the go, spill free :)

I also did this with my empty jar from trader joes! :)
I washed it and use it to store leftovers, and wtv i want in it. It's pretty fun and i love putting things o stuff I would had normally thrown away..I love it!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I miss blogging everyday.

LOL. I guess i can still blog my foods right? My new Ipad has me addicted so I will put it to use and take pictures of my foods again and what not. I mean whomever reads this blog, thank you and please leave comments :) I love to "chat".


sandwich bread wheat free low carb and high protein

3/4cup - 1.25 cups rolled oats (for higher-rising)
2 scoops jay robb unflavored or flavored protein powder
5 - 7large eggs (for higher-rising))
1/2 cup plain yogurt unsweetened( <9 grams sugar per 1cup)
1/4 cup of either applesauce, pumpkin puree or butter
1/4 cup water or unsweetened almond milk
tsp baking powder, 1tsp baking soda, 1tsp vinegar

This turned out soo yummy and do hold up :)
Feel free to add more of each ingredient so your bread can be "higher" and so it can "rise".

Mix all ingredients well and bake at 350-375 for about 30 minutes or until fully done.
ENJOY with your favorite meats, cheeses, spreads and even for dessert. Crumble it up on you

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mini bagels(donuts) easy, simple and healthy

If you don't have a donut pan, these can be made into muffins just as well. the only difference here would be the shape lol. so any pan would work :)

1/2 cup rolled oats
1scoop any flavored or u flavored protein powder (jay Robb)
1/2 cup plain yogurt (Greek or plain Russian style)
1/4cup of either pumpkin purée, apple sauce or butter
Stevia optional
Feel free to add chocolate chips, shred coconut, chopped nuts, nut butters, cocoa.. Etc.. Or plain like the recipe follows. This way you can add any topping individually to each donut. You can slice them in half to add toppings inside or on top you can make a bath of whipped cream cheese icing or anything yummy!

Mix all ingredients well. Preheat oven to 375. Spray a donut pan . Bake until fully done. Don't over bake them.

OPPPS. I just had to taste it. yummy! I used pumpkin purree in mine that's why they're orange :)
I can either make whipped cream cheese for one, jam for another, almond butter, etc.
endless possibilities.

it's my birthday and ill eat when i want to

LOL. So today I am 21. I was never celebrated on my birthdays, well i was but only 2 times in my life. Once when I was 5 and the last time when i was 16 so I am not really a birthday-celebrator kind of person. I do however eat what I want especially on my birthday. I don't know if I want to go out to eat, but if I do prolly sushi and maybe frozen yogurt or a nice latte from starbucks. It's my day .

Yesterday was a good day! I been good with all my goals yesterday however I did notice that I got really gassy, sorry, but I did. and I knew it was the wheat bread, but I didnt want to rush into conclusions, as i almost always seem to do. was fine yesterday up until lunch when I decied to have a wheat wrap for lunch and after that I was in so much discomfort. Today I decided that I would make wheat my first meal of the day to better see what aggrivates my tummy. Well surely enough within an hour of eating my wheat bread, the pain and tummy troubles came back. I dont mean little tummy gurgles, I mean gassy. (SORRY!)..But that makes me sad now :( Now I really know what upsets my stomach..I was never like this though :(

I love my bread, what do you suggest I do? I am no longer baking with coconut or almond flours.. but I really wish my tummy could welcome wheat. UGHHH! I guess I should avoid wheat for the reminder of the week and then on monday or sometime next week have it again and see what happens?

I will bake with other different flours, but coconut and almond flours are just a part of the past. lol.

oh yes, also my boyfriend got me an ipad mini for my birthday! He is currently in afghanistan and I thought it was so sweet! For all I care he could had sent me a ltter or a picture of him and i owuld had been just as happy! I am so happy though! YEIHHH!

p.s thank you all for your support and thank you all of you who read my last blog! I know some of you are anonymous readers, but dont be afraid to say hi :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I was debating whether to delete my blog

I have just fully come to a conclusion that the bfc is not for me. I am not for it and I can't and wont keep following that lifestyle because it is not the way I want to live. I understand it works and its worked for many people, like it did for me, but it is not something I can do and stick to. So yesterday I was going to delete my blog, but i thought maybe I'd let that be up to you my kind anoymous readers and my blog buddies. If you want to still follow me in my journey, I would love to keep you updated.
I have set new goals and i would like to share them with you to see where I at and where I want to be at. My non-bfc goals.

1. Eat small well balanced meals
2. Eat clean foods; no junk my snack time, eat something small but something that will not keep me wanting more, but enough to satisfy my sweet tooth
4. DON'T nibble on food; DON'T eat standing up; DO sit down and eat my food. DO chew food slowly
5. DON'T worry about calories; eating the right clean foods and small portions will take care of itself; use eyes and common sense
6. Eat ever 3.5-4 hours so that i don't get too hungry and eat too much at the next meal
7. Don;'t overat; there's no reason to. The next meal will be waiting for me in 3-4 hours.

Okay, so those are my goals for today; and mostly everyday but I am going to journal them with pen and my notebook. So just to clarify I am not doing the bfc, in fact as soon as i get a chance this week I am going to get some apples and some pb and bananas to enjoy. I am going to take pictures of my foods also in the beg. for a while just to see how much I ate and what I ate to keep me accountable.

Would you still like me to blog and keep you updated?

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