Thursday, July 11, 2013


HEY GUYS LONG TIME NO TALK1 i miss you all, but like i had said in the past, the bfc asnt for me. Currently I am lifting weights and eating bananas, rice cakes...etc. not the belly fat cure.
If any of you would like to keep in contact, i have an instagram page. BIKERIDINGIRL1990

I post a lot in there! here are some pictures of me currently! remember i said i wanted to be fit and strong!?

Monday, February 4, 2013

back at URGENT CARE and no more acid reflux?

So I went back to UC. today because once again i started to feel horrible. They made me take this medicine in like an inhaler to help open up my airwaves. It didnt really help, but the inhailing part sure helped and the medicine in it. I was asked if i wanted to take an inhaler just in case and i said yes. also the doctor told me there was probably no need for acid reflux and that i could eat dairy again if i wanted to, because I havent had it for 2 weeks no so it cant be the dairy because i still feel like shiittt! >:( But I think I will give my yogurt and cottage cheese another week break until i am completely back to my old self. I dont want to risk it. Also this week i am sticking to avoiding the foods i posted yesterday..escept for today :/ i was soooo sad and happy that i could eat dairy again and wheat that i had a piece of toast with cream cheese! uggghhhh. i hope i feel okay. Well she also said to take SYRTEC for post nasal drip? Has anyone ever suffered from post nasal drip? any tips? Thank you.

Trying to cure my acid reflux

Before it gets worse. I think right now my acid reflux would be considered moderate. I dont think I have it as bad as some people write about..It is moderate in the sense that blocks my air way passages, or so it seems like and makes it very stressful because i panic for air. I was doing some reading. I dont want to take prescription meds all my life or even for 30days like my doctor prescribed. I was watching a video from docto mercola and was reading Marias blog and both agree that taking any of prescription for GERD can actually cause your body to become addicted to these drugs(not a shocker); therefore, I am going to try and treat it and hopefully cure it through diet along with supplementation.

I ordered:

Licorice root supp.
marsmallw root supp.
Sleppery Elm.
digestive enzymes.

I forget what other supplement i ordered. Anyhow, they should be here in less than 3 days. They are suppose to help with gerd and i am hoping they can help me. Along with that I am also going to be restrcitive with my diet:


dairy (besides eggs and whey)
red meat
cooking foods in too much oil/ or no oils
spicy foods
minimize and slowly stop drinking coffee in the morning(today i had 1 cup)
tomato based products
all nuts/nut butters

i am going to emphasize veggies for dinner and decrease animal protein at night. I am going to stop eating anything past 7pm, but preferably 6pm. I will make sure i go to be feeling slightly hungry. i.e. empty.  I am also going to have smaller meals 3-5 meals throughout the day and not ever feel "full" because every time i used to feel full in the past, my tummy troubles would come back you know, i sued to complain a lot of tummy aches, so im sure thats how my GERD flared up.

OKAY...WISH ME LUCK! PLEASE..This is like a major lifestlye change. 360!

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